License setup

The license page lets you set up all the license keys for your Opinio installations, whether it is a single installation, or if there are multiple cluster members.

Each Opinio installation will have a unique HostID. This is used to generate the license key. The host ID of the current Opinio installation is shown at the upper part of the screen.

When entering this screen the first time, the HostID for the current Opinio installation will be shown at the top of the form. Enter the IP-based URL and a valid license key in the other columns, and click 'save'.

If you enter a clustered license key in the screen above, and then click on license setup again, you will see the following screen:

This allows for configuring the license key for all members in the cluster. The top part of the screen is the same as when in single-server mode. The license key at the top part of the form is for the server you are currently connected to. The lower table is for configuring other members in the cluster. Note that if you are connected to the cluster member through the load balancer, you could be connected to any of the members.

To test if all cluster members have their IP-based system url set up correctly, click on Test IP-based system URL in the left menu box while in license setup for clustering. Once the test is complete, you will receive a status screen that will indicate if all cluster members are up and running and the IP addresses are configured correctly.