Auto-creating reports

For complex surveys it is sometimes desirable to have different reports for different groups of respondents. Let's say that your survey contains the following question:

3. How long have you been using the product?

1) < 6 month
2) 6 - 12 month
3) 1 - 2 years
4) 2 - 5 years
5) > 5 years

The default reports (Summary report and Comment report) will include all responses. That means that all customers who used the product will be included in the same report regardless how long they have been using it.

To separate the responses and to get reports for each answer alternative, you can use the "Auto-create reports" feature. The result will then be 6 new reports, one for each item in that selection. All of the auto generated reports will have the same structure, but different report filters.

To use this feature, go to "Reports and data" from main survey screen and click on the "Auto create reports" in the Menu box.

To generate reports you need to enter the following data:

Example 2. Auto created reports