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A poll is a simple survey, usually embedded as an integral part of a web page. It is normally one question, like a multiple choice question, with a button to send the response. Then after answering this question, the respondent can view an instant chart of the poll results, either in a popup-window, or a chart embedded in the page. Opinio provides all this functionality, and more.

With Opinio, you can even create advanced polls, with any question type, like a rating, text-fields, matrix etc. All question types available in a normal survey is also available in a poll. This is because a poll is actually a survey in Opinio. Technically they are almost the same, the only difference is that a poll is displayed as an integral part of a web page, while a Survey is a web page (or multiple pages) in its own right. The limitation for a poll is usually screen space. Often the poll author is limited to a simple question type, to make it fit into another web page.


If you are editing a poll, and the poll is already published on your web page, the result/chart will be displayed on the web page, instead of the question form. This is because the poll will be locked while edited.

Differences between Survey and Poll:

Design steps. 

Designing a poll starts from the poll administration screen, since it gives you access to all poll features. Here is the list of poll design steps:

  1. Create questions

  2. Customize look and feel

  3. Configure poll behavior

  4. Translate poll

  5. Test the poll to see that it looks and behaves as intended. See "Checklist before poll publishing."

  6. Publish the poll