Exporting surveys and polls

Use export action button to open the survey export dialogue.

Exports the survey, including the questions in XML format. Choose your respective language encoding (see language encoding), select "Include reports" and "Include response data" if required and click “Export”.


Style sheets (CSS) and images will not be included in the export, since these are simply links to files.

If there are no customized reports in your survey, there is no point in including the standard reports, because they will be created if you import the survey. The import feature will always create the standard reports if the XML file does not contain any reports. By including response data you can easily import the survey with all the responses in another Opinio installation.

Exporting polls. 

Exporting of polls is similar to exporting of surveys. The only difference is that report are always included in the export, because poll result (chart) comes from the reports.