The Opinio log file

The log file is very helpful to diagnose problems. Opinio will log messages to the log file with information about user actions and other events in the system. By configuring the log file properties, logging can be set to various levels, for specific modules.

The log configuration file is [opinio-home]/WEB-INF/

The log files are located in the [opinio-home]/WEB-INF/log folder. There are up to 5 log files, called opinio.log, opinio.log2, .., opinio.log5. The size, number, name and location of these files can be changed by editing the properties in the file.

For further details about the log file, view the file with a text editor (Notepad, for example). It contains many settings, with explanations for each setting.

A very useful feature of the logging module is error reporting by email. See Email report appender.