Moving surveys, polls and folders

There are two ways to moving items: using drag'n'drop or an action button.


You can move surveys/polls/folders by dragging them to a folder in the subfolder list, crumbs or folders in the recent items.

It is also possible to move several surveys/polls/folders by selecting them prior to moving.

Action button. 

The second way is to use the move-button in the survey or poll action list

and then selecting the target folder in the popup window and clicking "Move".

When moving several surveys/polls/folders with a popup window, the move-button that appears on the top of the action list should be used. This button will move all types selected.

Moving polls. 

Moving polls is similar to moving surveys.

Moving folders. 

Moving folders is a bit different. If you have many users in the system, and there are many subfolders and surveys/polls in the folder structure, it could take some time to move the folder, because there are a lot of user permissions that might need to be updated in the process. When you move a folder, you are asked if you want to move user permissions along. If yes, the users having permissions to the folder will still have the same permissions to the folder after the move, in addition to read access to the target folder (and it parent folders). If you select to not copy the permissions along, they will be removed only if they do not have access to the target folder. Note that you can not move a folder into a subfolder of itself.