Question library

By clicking on the 'Question libraries' item in the Menu box, or in the resources summary page, the user will see a list of all reusable question libraries that the user has access to.

A Question library is a collection of reusable questions. One question library may contain many questions. All questions can be edited and deleted and new questions can be added either from within the 'Resources' section or by clicking on the 'Add to library' link when viewing the question list of a survey.

Create new question library

To create a new question library, click on the 'New question library' item in the Menu box. Type in the name of the question library and click 'Create'.

Edit question library

Editing the questions in a library is similar to editing questions in a survey; same question types, attributes and export/import functions are available. See Questions for more information.

Import question library

Importing question libraries is useful when moving libraries from one installation to another.

To import a question library click on the 'Import question library' item in the Menu box. Then select either to browse your system for the XML file (or a zip file containing the XML file) or type in the URL to where it is located.

example of XML file link:

IMPORTANT: The file must be a valid XML file. The only way to ensure that the XML code is valid, is to produce the XML file by the Opinio export function.

If you would like to give the imported question library a new name, click on the checkbox and enter the new question library name. Please note that this option is optional, and if not selected the question library name from the XML file will be used.

When the “Import” button is clicked, the file will be uploaded to the server. As soon as the file has been uploaded, Opinio will read and store the elements in the XML file as a new question library.

Export question library

Exporting question libraries is useful when moving libraries from one installation to another, or to create a local copy as a backup.

To export the question library, click on the 'Export' link in the Action column when viewing the question library list. Choose your respective language encoding (see language encoding) and click 'Export'. This will export the question library into XML format and the user will get a 'download file' notice when the export process is finished.


All Opinio administrators can create question libraries. Other users need an administrator to grant them such access, as they can not create question libraries by default. See the section called “User management” for more information. Administrators can also grant and restrict access to existing question libraries.