Sample definitions

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Sample definitions can be used to define selections from the population of panelists in a panel. A sample definition describes the attributes of the sample that you want to draw from the panel. When creating invitations to surveys, a sample definition can be used to invite the requested panelists based on the panelists profiles (age, gender, location, etc.). See how to invite panelists using sample definitions in the section called “Add invitees”.


When new panelists sign up to a panel, or existing panelists change their profile, the number of panelists matching the sample definition might change. By clicking on the 'Recalculate' link in the Action column you will get the updated sample count.


Sample count will be equal to the max sample size specified in the sample definition, if the number of matching panelists is larger than the max sample size. To see exactly how many panelists are matching the sample definition, you must set the max sample size to 0 (unlimited).