Adding an email alarm action

Alarm actions can be added from the "Main" screen. Actions for an alarm are set by clicking the "Set alarm action" button in the Edit alarm window.

Clicking on the 'Set alarm actions' button will open the 'Add alarm actions' window where you can either add email actions or program actions.

Click on the "Email actions" link to add email actions. The top half of this window shows a list of the email alarm actions already added to this alarm. In the bottom part of the window, new email alarm actions can be added.

To add an email alarm action enter the recipient address, the subject and the content. Also specify the maximum amount of copies of this e-mail to send in the given time interval. An email can be sent to multiple recipients by entering a comma-separated list of email addresses. Variables, such as the trigger time and the trigger value, can be inserted into the content of the email from the variable drop-down box.

When an email is sent, all the variables in the content are replaced with their values. In addition to the content, the triggered alarm itself is added as an xml structure.