Network Probe lets you easily monitor different hosts, conversations or protocols on your network. Say you want to monitor how much hosts on your network surf on the internet, especially you want to monitor http traffic to host markuspc. To monitor the http traffic on you network open the "My protocols" window and enter 1.2048.6.80. Http traffic to host markuspc can be monitored using the "My procotols per host" window. Open the "My procotols per host" window and enter markuspc and 1.2048.6.80, also you could detach the byte interval chart for this entry.

Now create a new profile, name it for example http_markuspc. The profile saves the layout of the Main screen. Later on you can easily activate the profile and monitor the http protocol and host markuspc. If you set the newly created profile as the default profile it is activated everytime you log on the the probe.

If you do not want to manually watch the traffic you can set some alarms to let Network Probe watch the entries for you. Add an alarm for the http protocol and one for markuspc using the http protocol. To monitor the total amount of bandwidth used by the entries use an absolute alarm, to monitor how much the entry increases in given time intervals use a delta alarm. The below image shows adding two alarms, one for the http protocol and one for markuspc using the http protocol. Both alarms are set to be delta alarms with upper trigger 100 Kb/s and lower trigger value 10 Kb/s.

Defined and triggered alarms can later on be viewed in the "Defined alarms" and "Triggered alarms" window.

To automatically let Network Probe notify you when one of the alarms goes of a e-mail alarm action can be used. By adding a e-mail alarm action a email is sendt everytime the alarm is triggered. The below image shows adding a e-mail alarm action. For more information on how to add e-mail alarm actions click here.