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Add high-performance tables to you java and web applications enabling you to sort, search, and filter large amounts of data quickly.

The combined search and filter bar lets you search for data as you type, and filter out subsets of the rows in the table.

The java table component is highly flexible and feature-rich with a footprint of only 45 KB, taking up little space in your applications. For a great hands-on example of the usage, take a look at our Network Probe product for network traffic monitoring.

Key Table Features


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Table 2.0.4 Released
Oslo, Norway, May 16th, 2007:
Table 2.0.4 was released with a bug fixes. See the change log for details.

Table Free of Charge
Oslo, Norway, July 27th, 2006:
The table component is now made available free of charge for everyone to use.

Table 2.0.3 Released
Oslo, Norway, April 7th, 2006:
Table 2.0.3 was released with some bug fixes. See the change log for details.

Key Features
  • Free of charge
  • Supports JDK 1.1 - 1.5
  • Footprint only 45K
  • Sort columns
  • Search for rows
  • Filter out rows
  • Adjust or collapse columns
  • Load data from a URL
  • Export data from the table
  • Tooltip-style mouseover labels
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