Package com.objectplanet.survey.event

Interface Summary
CallBack This class is not directly part of the normal Opinio event mechanism, but rather a generic interface for a one-to-one callback mechanism.
IEventListener A component on the event Bus.

Class Summary
Event The base class of all EventBus events.
Event.NonVetoable An BusEvent implementation that cannot be vetoed.
EventBus The EventBus is the global event notification mechanism.
EventBusListNode Event bus event type node.
EventBusManager The EventBus is the global event notification mechanism.
EventListenerListNode Class that is used in the list of Listeners.
EventUtils Utility methods for the Event classes
ListenerArrayList A wrapper for ArrayList that provides synchronized access, with high performance toArray().
ListenerList This class represents a list of event listeners, or a list of event listener lists.

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