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ObjectPlanet's Code Central is a development resource to all java and web application developers.

The code central is used to publish selected software that our excellent programmers have developed over the years and used in our own products.

All software comes with compiled jar files, java classes, api documentation, and a few examples. Some of the software comes with source code, some not. Some can be used directly out-of-the-box, some need a fair bit of java programming experience.


NewsTicker Applet
This java newsticker applet displays scrolling news items read from XML data sources.


Java TabbedPanel
This tab component enables you to display tabbed components and detach them into separate top-level windows.

Java Table
This component enables you to display tabular data in your java applications and sort, search, and filter it effectively.


Java PngEncoder
This is the fastest java-based png encoder we know of. It lets you encode java images into various PNG image formats at amasing speed.


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ObjectPlanet's Code Central
Oslo, Norway, August 3rd, 2006:
ObjectPlanet's Code Central was deployed, and will be used to publish lots of free software that ObjectPlanet has developed over the years.

PngEncoder 2.0 Released
Oslo, Norway, July 14th, 2006:
PngEncoder 2.0 was released with added features for encoding transparent java images, and the encoding speed was improved even further.

Table 2.0.3 Released
Oslo, Norway, April 7th, 2006:
Table 2.0.3 was released with some bug fixes. See the change log for details.

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