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Display scrolling news items on your web pages using this newsticker. The news can be read from a file and scrolled vertically or horizontally. The user can scroll the news items by using the mouse, and click on each item top open a web page with the full text.

The news items are loaded as XML text, either through the applet parameters or from a URL containing the XML formatted news items.

The look and feel of the newsticker can be configured with parameters such as background, borders, fonts, colors, and scroll speed.

Displaying a vertical NewsTicker
<applet code=com.objectplanet.applet.ticker.NewsTicker
width=200 height=400>
<param name=header value="NewsTicker">
<param name=newsURL value="news.xml">

Format of news input file
      news header text
      This is the text of the news item body. It can 
      contain as much text as you want. The item in the 
      link tag is the url opened when the user clicks 
      on the news body.

Displaying a horizontal NewsTicker
  width=100% height=24>
<param name=news_0 value="News Header">
<param name=news_1 value="News Item One">
<param name=newsLink_1 value="http://firstlink">
<param name=news_2 value="News Item Two">
<param name=newsLink_2 value="http://secondlink">


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Key Features
  • Free of charge
  • Vertical news tickers
  • Horizontal news tickers
  • Read news from XML feed
  • Configure look and feel

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