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Network Probe 3.0

Network Probe Enterprise Version

Network Probe version 3 introduces an Enterprise Probe which can collect and display traffic statistics from multiple remote probes spanning your entire organization or enterprise.

The enterprise probe is really good news if you have deployed or plan to deploy multiple probes across your networks. By installing an enterprise probe you can now have a total overview of the traffic situtation on all your networks from one single user interface.

When logging in to the enterprise probe you will immediately see an overview of the most active networks as well as all alarms that have been triggered on any of the networks you are monitoring.

Please contact our sales department if you are interested in a license key for Network Probe Enterprise.

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Single Probe Logon

There is no longer a need for logging into each individual probe you want to monitor. You can now simply search for or select the probe you want and all the detailed traffic statistics will be available, just as if you were logged on directly to that probe.

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Network Drilldown

Selecting a probe from the top networks list you can drill down into more detailed traffic statistics for that network such as the top protocols, talkers, and listeners. Simply do a right-click on the probe entry and zoom in. The detailed statistics for that probe will then be displayed.

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Extensive Performance Improvements

Network Probe version 3 has had a total overhaul of the user interface code, and especially the "Traffic Statistics" and "Traffic Log" has been improved multifold.

  • The data loading time is dramatically shorter
  • Scrolling through the data is a lot faster
  • Searching, sorting, and filtering the data is a lot faster
  • Dramatically reduced the memory usage, fixing problems with out of memory problems
Some of the work earlier performed by the probe on behalf of the client is now done on the client side, leaving the probe free to collect and analyze the network data.

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Free Network Monitor
Oslo, Norway, March 24th, 2009:

ObjectPlanet is making its standard Network Probe free of charge as of version 3.0

Network Probe 3
Oslo, Norway, March 24th, 2009:

Network Probe 3.0 was released with new enterprise functionality.

Key Features
  • Enterprise functionality
  • Network summary
  • Network throughput
  • TopN talkers and listeners
  • TopN protocols and hosts
  • TopN conversations
  • Traffic alarms
  • Alarm email notifications
  • Alarm script calling
  • Powerful searching and filtering
  • Protocol statistics
  • Host statistics
  • Conversation statistics
  • Protocols per host
  • Protocols per conversation
  • Host traffic per NIC
  • Conversations per NIC
  • User-selected protocols
  • User-selected hosts
  • User-selected conversations
  • Save profiles and sessions
  • Historical traffic logs

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