Creating questions

Question types
Plugin validators

To access this feature, click on "questions" in the menu box.

Start creating question by entering question text. You can use Advanced edit mode if you need more control over question look and feel. Question text is required.

Select question type by clicking on the tab with the desired type name. Enter all necessary details for that question type.


You can preview question at any time by clicking on the "Preview question" in the Menu box. The preview will save the question first and then display it in a popup. Note that if some of the required input is not entered, the validation error will be reported.

Buttons under question text. 

Under the question text you will find several buttons that allow you to enter and edit in-text elements, piping elements and images.

IMPORTANT: Remember that all actions available from these buttons will place tags into the question text. It is important that cursor is located at the position where you want to enter the element. For example, if you want to place an image after text "Do you like this picture?", place the cursor after the "?" if you want picture to appear after the text. Place The cursor at the beginning of the text if you want to place the picture before the text.

Advanced settings. 

Click on the Advanced settings to expand the section.