• Key Features
  • Applet and application usage
  • Servlet usage
  • Supports JDK 1.2 - 1.6
  • Bar and column charts
  • Line and area charts
  • Pie charts
  • Plotter and scatter charts
  • Gauge and dial charts
  • Combination charts
 "I recently purchased a site license for EasyCharts and wanted you to know this is the most comprehensive charting software I have seen. ...nothing can match the speed, flexibility and ease of use.... the learning curve is very short."

Kerry Shireman Manager - Technical Support SBC Communications
EasyCharts 4.1 download

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Add charts and graphs to your web pages or java and web applications with our EasyCharts charting library.

EasyCharts is a 100% java based chart library that enables you to add great-looking charts in your java applications, web pages, and server based web applications with very little coding effort.

EasyCharts supports a wide range of charts and chart combinations and is renowned by java developers around the world for its great feature-set, flexibility, and ease of use.

Bar and Column Charts

bar charts

Create bar charts with multiple data series, configurations, styles and colors. Bars can be placed vertically or horizontally, side-by-side, stacked, or behind each other.

Line and Area Charts

area charts

Create line and area charts with different line styles, stacked data series, mouse-over labels, and sample point markers. The charts can be zoomed by dragging the mouse across the chart data.

Plotter and Bubble Charts

plotter charts

Create a wide array of plotter and bubble charts with many different configurations. Set the size and shapes of the plots. Display free standing plots or connect to form data series.

Combination Charts

combination charts

Combine different bar, line, and area charts into new great looking combination charts. There is no limit to the number of charts that can be stacked on top of each other.

Pie Charts

pie charts

Create 2D or 3D pie charts with multiple data series, detached pies, mouse-over labels, and drilldown functionallity.

Gauge and Dial Charts

gauge charts

Gauge and dial charts lets you create speedometer-style charts for network utilization and other applications.