Design, publish, and manage all your surveys using one of the markets most powerful survey software.

  • Construct and publish your surveys in minutes
  • 100% web based, you only need your web browser
  • Increase response rates using automatic email reminders
  • Installed and hosted solutions available

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Opinio supports multiple users, multilingual surveys, survey collaboration, powerful features such as skip logic and piping, and a highly scalable architecture so it will cover the survey needs for everyone in your organization.

Mobile Surveys

Conduct mobile surveys and interviews using Opinio and your iPhone mobile surveys

The Survey Future

See what's cooking in our lab what's cooking

Opinio How-To Guides

Survey tasks using Opinio how-to
The Opinio Mobile interviewer enables you to conduct mobile surveys and in-the-field interviews using your iPhone or iPad. It works offline, too. Data can be transferred once online.
In addition to our rock-solid Opinio survey system, we are also working on the survey service of the future where all your surveys and data is stored securily in the cloud and accessible from any platform you want. Check out
Get access to step-by-step guides how to accomplish typical survey tasks using Opinio. See how to create a simple survey, how to publish a survey, how to invite respondents via email, how to publish reports, and how to translate surveys.

See Product Video

Create a survey in 2 minutes video

Survey Samples

Check out our sample surveys survey samples

Hosted or installed?

See our available solutions solutions

Easy survey creation

Create a survey in minutes using Opinio. Simply give it a name and start typing in the questions and selecting the response type. When you are done designing your survey form, publish the survey link to your web page or invite respondents through the email invitation module.

Customizable survey forms

Check out our available surveys created using Opinio and how they can be customized using the rich set of question and response types. You can also customize the forms using templates, and html and css files to make them fit the visual profile of your company.

Small needs or large needs?

Whatever survey needs you might have, we have the right solution for you. From a single survey account, to a dedicated hosted solution, to a clustered installation on multiple servers in your organization. Look here for more details on our different solutions.

Complete set of tools

Opinio comes with a complete set of survey tools for all your needs. features

Email Invitations

Track and remind respondents invitations

Enterprise Surveys

Covers all your survey needs enterprise

A complete survey solution

Opinio supports a full range of question types and surveys with skip logic and piping. Opinio is an enterprise solution supporting multiple users and multilingual surveys. Create detailed reports or export response data to SPSS. You can invite respondents via email and create online survey panels.

Invite respondents via email

You can invite survey respondents using the built-in email invitation module. With the use of this you can keep track of individual respondents as well as send them automatic reminders if their response is late. This is very useful for getting maximum response rate on your surveys.

Enterprise Survey Software

The powerful features and tools of Opinio will cover the survey needs for your entire enterprise. Multiple users, detailed access control, multilingual surveys, survey collaboration, scalability and stability, and LDAP integration are some of the features that will help you.