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Do you need to add a small poll to your website for instant feedback from your visitors, or do you need to publish a poll on facebook or twitter asking for your friends' feedback? EasyPolls is a free service where you can set up polls in a matter of seconds and have them published on your website, facebook, twitter, or simply share the link to the poll with your audience.

Instant Access

Using EasyPolls you don't even need an account to start creating your polls, you connect directly with the appliction and start typing in your question and answers. When you are ready to publish your poll, you either create an account or log in to your existing one to publish it.

Easy Sharing

When your poll is ready, you can simply click a button to publish it to your facebook or twitter account, you can cut and paste a ready-made block of javascript code to your web page, or just share the link to the poll with your audience.

create poll

1. Type in the question and answers of your poll


2. Log in or create an account


3. Publish your poll