Top Protocols

Network Probe will show you the top protocols in use on your network, sorted by bytes, packets, or the number of hosts or conversations using each protocols. Select how many entries you want to see and click on each entry to display its network throughput [read more...]

top n protocols
The most active protocols on your network

Top Hosts

See which hosts are most active on your network, totalling inbound and outbound traffic for the host. You can display a top list for the throughput as well as displaying a list of the hosts engaging in the largest number of conversations or protocols. Click on each entry to display its traffic over time.

top n hosts
The most active hosts on your network

Top Talkers

Display the computers sending most data, either from your network or into your network. On all the topN windows you can control the length of the list.

top talkers
Top talkers

Top Listeners

Display which of the discovered hosts are receiving most data, easily spotting hosts streaming or downloading large amounts of data from the internet.

top listeners
Top listeners

Top Conversations

Network Probe will help you find the most active conversations on your network so you can see which endpoints are taking up the most of your network bandwidth.

top n conversations
Top conversations