How do I invite people to my survey via email and send automatic reminders?

If you want more control over your respondents, keep track of the response rate and send automatic reminders to people who have not yet replied, you can use the built-in email invitation feature.

Please note that sharing your link can make information you have entered into the survey visible to other users of the link.

1. Click the 'Publish survey' link in the left menu:


2. Click the 'Invitations' link in the left menu:


3. Click the 'New invitation' menu selection:

new invitation

4. Configure the time when the invitation should be sent:

Type in a name for the invitation and set the time when it should be sent. invitation name and date

5. Write the invitation email:

Type in a subject and body for your invitation email. A unique survey link will be generated for each individual email so do not remove or change the link in your email. invitation email

6. Add your reminder email:

You can add up to five email reminders sent to people who have not responded yet. Set the date for each reminder as well as the reminder message. If you send several reminders, the last message can be configured separately. reminder

7. Click the 'Add invitees' menu item:

add menu

8. Add your email addresses:

You can either type or paste in your email addresses, copy them from a list you have saved earlier, select them from your survey panel samples, or import them from a file. add emails

9. Activate your invitation:

First make sure the start and stop dates of your invitation is correct and that it is available for responses. Then activate your invitation to send out the survey invitations. active activate

10. Inspect your invitations:

After the invitations have been sent out, you can inspect the reception status of each one and if they have answered the survey or not. You can also individually resend the invitation if there were problems. manage invitations