Design, publish, and manage all your online surveys easily and effectively using one of the markets most powerful survey software.

  • Construct and publish your surveys in minutes
  • 100% web based, you only need your web browser
  • Increase response rates using automatic email reminders
  • Installed and hosted solutions available

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Available survey solutions

The Opinio survey software comes in two flavors and several different versions, so you can always find a survey solution that suits your needs and requirements.

You can either install your own copy of the Opinio survey software for full control, or have ObjectPlanet host and manage the survey application for you.

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Feature Lite Corporate Enterprise Clustered Shared Hosting Dedicated Hosting
User count 1 3-25 5+ 5+ 1-5 5+
Create/publish surveys yes yes yes yes yes yes
Unlimited respondents yes yes yes yes 4000 yes
Unlimited reports no yes yes yes yes yes
Creation of new reports no yes yes yes yes yes
Customizing reports no yes yes yes yes yes
Use of report filters no yes yes yes yes yes
Report portals no yes yes yes yes yes
Printable surveys no yes yes yes yes yes
Export of CSV response data no yes yes yes yes yes
Export of SPSS response data no no yes yes yes yes
Multilingual surveys no no yes yes yes yes
Panel management no no yes yes yes yes
Piping no no yes yes yes yes
Remove "powered by opinio" no yes yes yes yes yes
Online support no yes yes yes yes yes
Plugins available no yes yes yes no yes
Your own host name yes yes yes yes no yes
Run on multiple servers no no no yes no no
Price free from $2,400 from $4,500 contact sales from $800
per year
from $2,950
per year

Installed Survey Solutions

By downloading and obtaining a perennial license for Opinio, you can install and integrate Opinio in your own corporation and have full control of the Opinio application and the collected data. The installed license is priced per the number of survey authors and offers an unlimited number of surveys, questions, and responses.

Opinio Lite Opinio Corporate Opinio Enterprise Opinio Clustered

When you download and install Opinio it will run in Lite mode without the need of a license key. This version is suitable for users with simple survey needs.

This version is suitable if you create an occational survey a year and do not have a need for the most complex features.

Opinio Enterprise is considered the standard version of the product and supports all features for survey creation, administration, publishing, and reporting.

Opinio Clustered is suitable if you expect to have very heavy loads with thousands of concurrent survey respondents or need the extra stability and security of multiple servers.

Hosted Survey Solutions

If you do not have the resources to install and manage the survey application on a server internally, or you simply want to let others do this for you, you can let ObjectPlanet host and manage the survey solution for you. ObjectPlanet will ensure uninterrupted operation and always having the latest version installed. All hosting solutions include every feature of the product.

Shared Survey Hosting Dedicated Survey Hosting

This is the perfect survey solution if you publish a few occasional online surveys throughout the year. You simply receive an account on ObjectPlanet's server ranging from 1 to 5 survey authors.

This option has a limit on 4000 respones per survey, and do not support plugins. You will also be sharing the same physical server with an unknown number of other survey users.

If you have larger online survey needs and want your own instance of Opinio but do not want to install and manage a server yourself, this is the survey solution for you.

There are no limitations on the number of responses, you will have your own host name such as, and you can even use available plugins.

This solution starts at 5 survey authors, and ObjectPlanet will manage the server and the application for you and ensure stable operation of your critical survey service.