Selected Opinio Survey Features

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rating question

Wide range of question types

Opinio supports a wide range of question and response options, including rating, multiple choice, and a highly flexible matrix question type [more...]

Multilingual surveys

Create multiple language versions of a single survey for your world wide audience, and still have a single data set from which you can create reports [more...]



Dynamic surveys

Opinio lets you design dynamic surveys using conditional branching or skip logic as it is also known and piping that lets you carry an answer and use it in questions and other text later in the survey questionnaire [more...]

Use images in your surveys

You can use images in your question texts and response options, and users can even upload images as their question responses.

Images can be uploaded to a shared repository of reusable images for sharing amongst all Opinio users [more...]



Email invitations

Obtain total control over who responds to your surveys by inviting your respondents via email, making sure they are reminded if they do not answer within a given time period [more...]

Multiple users and access control

Opinio supports multiple users, hierarchical organization of surveys, detailed user permission settings, sharing of survey resources, and survey collaboration possibilities [more...]

panel management
pie chart

Powerful reporting

The moment responses start coming in to your survey you can generate reports on the data set, either as HTML for online viewing or PDF for printing and offline review [more...]