Opinio Roadmap

ObjectPlanet is committed to delivering the world's most flexible, scalable and feature-rich Survey solution available today and the roadmap below lists our planned features and improvements for the upcoming versions of Opinio.

Please note this roadmap is not set and is continuously under review as we receive feedback from our committed users. Therefore, it does not serve as a guarantee that features will be implemented. We reserve the rights to change the dates, order and details of this roadmap at any time, and without notice.

Please contact us if you have comments regarding this roadmap. Your input is valuable in order to identify new features and prioritize the components already planned.

  Prioritized features Considered features
Feature Lite Corp Entr Lite Corp Entr
Interviewer mode for survey web form yes yes no
Accessibility standards yes yes yes
Improved survey form yes yes yes
File upload for respondents (currently images only) yes yes yes
Pop-up surveys yes yes yes
Recoding values no no yes
Respondent opt-out yes yes yes
Invitation throttling yes yes yes
Field for inserting JavaScript for survey author yes yes yes