How do I move a survey to another folder?

Currently there is no straight-forward way of moving a survey to another folder in Opinio, but one way to accomplish it is to export and then import the survey.

1. Click on the 'Export' link for the desired survey:

move link

2. Include reports and data:

Make sure you click the boxes to include your reports and response data if you want to move everything, and not only the survey form. When you select to include the responses, the exported survey is sent to your email, otherwise the file is saved locally. export with data

3. Go to your target folder:

target link

4. Click on 'Import survey/poll' available in the left menu:


5. Import the survey by clicking on the 'Browse' button:

import imported

6. Remove responses from the original survey:

Before a survey can be deleted, all the responses need to be removed first. To do this, click on the 'Reports and data' menu item, then on 'Delete responses'. delete responses delete responses link

Select to remove 'all responses'. delete all responses

7. Delete the survey:

Go back to your original surve folder and click on the 'Delete' link. move delete move deleted