How do I make people sign up to participate in surveys?

If you want people to sign up and participate in several surveys based on their demographics, you can use Opinio's Panel Management feature.

1. Click on 'My panel' to access your survey panel:

In the panel management screen you can see the link to the panel where respondents can sign up, and you have access to edit your respondent attributes and create panelist samples. my panel

2. Click on 'Add panel attribute' to add a new respondent attribute:

Panel attributes are used to create panelist samples based on their demographic data so you can invite specific groups to individual surveys. pane attributes

3. Name the attribute and add options:

configure panel attributes

4. Click 'Recreate profile form':

When a respondent wants to sign up, he or she needs to fill in the attributes you have set up. After adding an attribute, you need to re-create this form. panel attributes

5. Respondents can sign up:

The respondent needs to register with a name, email and password, and a confirmation email is sent out. new panelist panelist name

6. The respondent registers the demographic data:

configure panelist

7. Inspect the panelists:


8. Create a panelist sample:

If you want to invite respondents within specific age groups or educational levels, you can create panelist samples. sample definitions add sample definitions

9. Give the panelist sample a name:

sample definition name sample definition list

10. Set the values of the sample:

education updated

11. Invite the panelist sample to a survey:

You can now use the panelist sample you created as a source of survey invitations. invite

12. The invited respondents can now answer the survey: