How do I make sure I get exactly 100 males and 100 females in my survey?

If you want to make sure you get exactly 100 males and 100 females in your survey, you can use the Quota Management option. Specify how many respondents you want answering male, and how many you want answering female. Of course, you can use quota management for any question, not only gender.

1. Click the 'Quote management' menu item:

After you have created your survey, click the 'Quota management' menu item which is available from the survey summary screen. quota link

Then click the '+ Add quota' link to configure a quota for a question. add quota

2. Select the question and configure the quota:

A drop down box appears with your questions. Select the desired question. select quota

You are given a configuration screen where you can type in the number of responses you want per answer option. You can also go back to this screen while the survey is running to inspect each quota. configure quota

When your quotas are fully reached, the survey is automatically closed.