How do I share reports with other people?

You can share your survey reports through the Report Portal feature. Before you can share reports you need to create a public report portal.

1. Click on 'Report Portals' in the top menu, then 'Create Report Portal':

add report portal

2. Give your report portal a name and click on 'Create':

new report portal

3. Open your survey and click on 'Reports and data':

After you have given your report portal a name, go back to your survey and click on the 'Reports and data' menu item. report portal link select report portal

4. Click on 'Add to portal':

Click on 'Add to portal' to add your report to your newly created report portal. add to portal

5. Go back to your report portal:

After the report was added to the report portal, you can go back to your report portal. There you find the link to your portal which you can publish and share with other non-Opinio users. report portal added

6. Give the public report a name:

Click on the 'Report portal items' and then the report for which you want to change the name. report portal items

Then type in a new name and click 'Save'. report portal name

Your shared report portal now looks like this: