Create, publish, and manage all your customer satisfaction surveys online and get instant feedback from your customers and web site visitors.

  • Instant customer feedback
  • Publish surveys on your web site
  • Increase response rates with automatic email reminders
  • 100% web based, no installation needed

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Conduct customer satisfaction surveys

Keeping an existing customer only cost a fraction of the price compared the price of hunting for new ones. In today's global and crowded market place with little product differentiation, making your customers happy and loyal is more important than ever for increasing your profits and growing your business.

The perfect tool for customer feedback surveys

Opinio is the perfect tool for conducting your customer satisfaction surveys as you can do this directly from your web site when they are interacting with it, or you can invite your customers via email for better control of the response audience.

Customer satisfaction facts:

  • A 5-percent increase in loyalty can increase profits by 25%-85%
  • A very satisfied customer is nearly six times more likely to be loyal and to repurchase and/or recommend your product than is a customer who is just satisfied.
  • Only 4 percent of dissatisfied customers will complain.
  • The average customer with a problem eventually tells nine other people.
  • Satisfied customers tell five other people about their good treatment.

Customer satisfaction resources: