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Opinio University Usage

The Opinio survey platform is the perfect survey solution for the varied type of surveys conducted at a university.

A great number of universities around the world currently use Opinio to cover their online survey needs such as student satisfaction, class evaluations, research, nominations and elections, and event registration.

A study conducted among some of those universities revealed a very diverse usage of Opinio.

Faculty academic research (73%)

The most common usage of Opinio at universities is for academic research. This clearly demonstrates the power and flexibility of Opinio's ability to collect, organize, and analyze data. Survey data can also be exported for further analysis, for example into SPSS.

Generic data collection (68%)

A surprisingly large share of 68% use it for generic data collection from their staff, student, and faculty. Opinio's diversity enables you to create data collection forms and invite respondents by email in no time.

Course and program evaluations (64%)

A share of 65% use Opinio for evaluations of classes, courses, and student programs. Create a course evaluation survey template and use Opinio's ability to copy existing surveys for efficiency when conducting class evaluations.

Student satisfaction surveys (64%)

Equally important is the measurement of student and faculty satisfaction with university services and facilities. Using Opinio's flexible range of question types one can set up any type of satisfaction survey and invite tens of thousands of respondents using the email invitation feature.

Graduate academic research (64%)

A share of 65% of the universities create survey accounts for their graduate students so they can conduct proper research and data collection.

Type of Usage at Universities Share
Faculty academic research73%
Generic data collection68%
Course and program evaluations64%
Student satisfaction surveys64%
Graduate academic research64%
Nominations and elections45%
Post graduate academic research36%
Student entry and exit interviews36%
Used in classes teaching research techniques32%
Class research projects27%
Event registrations27%
Who uses Opinio at Universities? Share
Administrative Staff75%
Graduate Students57%
Undergraduate Students39%
Student Organizations32%
Post Graduate Students25%