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Enterprise survey software

Opinio is the perfect survey solution for your enterprise with its full set of survey features, the ability to support thousands of survey authors, and clustering support for scalability and stability.

Multiple Users

Opinio supports thousands of concurrent survey authors and hierarchical organization of surveys and polls. You can assign group manager users to administer survey sub groups. You can set detailed access control and permissions for each individual user. The perfect survey tool for large enterprises.

Multilingual Surveys

If your survey audience is spread across many countries and multiple languages, you can have many translations of a single survey, let your audience reply in their mother tounge, and still have a single data-set from where you can run your analysis. Survey authors can collaborate on surveys helping on individual translations and leaving comments on the surveys.

Scalability and Stability

Opinio is designed for heavy loads and many users so it is highly scalable. With a cluster license, you can run Opinio as a single application instance across multiple servers enabling it to handle heavy load and ensure continued and stable operation at all times.

LDAP Integration

Using available plugin modules for Opinio, you can integrate it with your LDAP directory so you can have a single sign-on for all your users [check out the available plugins here...]