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Survey Tools - create online surveys

The Opinio survey software contains many powerful survey tools to help you create, publish, and manage your online surveys and their respondents and received data.

Survey questionnaire creation

Opinio includes a rich set of question and reply types including rating, multiple choice, and dropdown lists so you can design the exact questionnaire you need for your survey.

Skip logic and piping

You can also make your surveys dynamic by adding skip logic (conditional branching) and text insertion (piping) in your questionnaire. This enables you to ask different questions to respondents based on their answers and hide the irrelevant ones.

Customize the survey appearance

Using available survey templates or uploadable style sheets (CSS), you can design the appearance of your survey form to fit the visual profile of your company or organization. You can have even further control by adding an HTML file to surround the survey form.

Multiple languages for a survey

Using the survey translation tool of Opinio you can create many language versions of the same survey and have audiences in different countries reply to a survey in their mother tounge. You can then create a single report on the entire survey, independent of the language.

Email invitations and reminders

When you have finished designing your survey you can either publish the survey link directly on your web site or send it out by email. If you want better control over the respondents you can use Opinio's email invitation feature. You can then send out an email with a personilized survey link to each respondent and keep control over their responses. You can even set up reminder emails if they do not respond within a set number of days.

Survey security and anonymity

A survey can be open to everyone, or it can be secured using a password, either a fixed password, or one assigned to each invited respondent. You can also control the level of anonymity of the respondent if you need to protect the privacy of each respondent.

Response management

When respondents start answering the survey you can go through the answers of each individual respondent if you want to.

Reports and data export

As soon as answers start to come in to your surveys, ready-made reports are available from the reports module. You can generate reports as HTML for online viewing, as PDF for printing, or you can publish reports, giving access to users not having Opinio accounts. Reports can be customized adding data filters for more detailed analysis, and the data can also be exported as CSV or SPSS for further analysis outside of Opinio.