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Multiuser survey application

Opinio is a true enterprise survey application with support for multiple users, hierarchical organization of surveys, flexible user permission settings, sharing of survey resources, and survey collaboration possibilities.

Access control

Using Opinio you can cover the survey needs for your entire organizations, creating a user group for each department, local managers with admin access for each group, and individual group users with restricted access.

Web based survey application

And Opinio is of course a web based survey application, so no installation is needed for the user. A survey account and a web browser with network access is all that is needed for full access, independent of your physical location.

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Survey collaboration

Although a single survey can only be edited by one user account at a time to avoid conflicts, any user having access to a survey can add comments on the survey and its questions to help with the creation. A single survey can consist of multiple language versions and one can invite other people to add translations for it, also individuals without Opinio accounts.

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