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Why choose a hosted survey solution?

The Opinio survey software comes in two different flavors. You can either install and manage Opinio on your own server, or you can let ObjectPlanet host and manage the application for you. Here are some reasons why you should consider choosing a hosted survey solution.

No server needed

You do not need to invest in or make a server available for the Opinio application. Opinio is either pre-installed on one of ObjectPlanet's servers already, or ObjectPlanet will install an instance dedicated to your company.

No installation

Your IT department does not need to spend any time installing the software. There will be no problem with all the available combinations of operating systems, application servers, and database vendors. ObjectPlanet will install and run the application on a proven and stable combination of Linux, Tomcat, and MySQL, a platform we know very well.

No maintenance

You do not need to perform any upgrades to the software, apply patches, or set up backup routines. ObjectPlanet will ensure you always have the latest and most stable version available to you, have all the security patches applied to the operating system, application server and database. We will also set up backup routines so that all your data is secure.

More effective support

We know our hosting-platform very well, and we have direct access to the application. So if you have any kind of problem, we can quickly and effectively find the source and have it sorted out in no time.

Better return on investement

While an installed license has an initial license fee with an optional 20% yearly maintenance fee after the first year, the equivalent hosted solution has a lower, but flat yearly fee. In most cases a hosted solution will over time be more cost effective than an installed license.

Estimated 3-year cost of Opinio solutions
Cost base Installed License Hosted Solution
Software fee $2100 $2950
Server $500 $0
Internal installation cost $100-$200 $0
Internal maintenance cost $250-$450 $0
Total yearly cost $2950-$3250 $2950